FabcoTex is providing following services to its Customers.

Sourcing, Inspection & Follow up:

  • Selection of good reliable suppliers / manufacturers.
  • Negotiating prices with suppliers.
  • Providing update information to customers about their order with different suppliers.
  • Review & inspection of goods during production ensure quality & on time delivery.
  • Final inspection of goods before shipment.

Design & Product Development:

Fabco Sourcing believe in continuous growth of our customers as it will indirectly give growth to our company. Keeping the view of the limitation of design & development with different suppliers, We have added professional design & product development professionals in team to develope new ideas for customers on regular basis in respect of innovative textured base fabrics in different blends & tri blends, print designs. cost competative innovative product styling to capture better share of market by adding the value in trendy products.